Requirements for Admissions - Article II, Section 1, By-Laws


Membership shall be by invitation only. Each application for membership shall be endorsed by two members. Applicants shall furnish with each application evidence of the ownership of or a binding contract for the acquisition of one share of stock in the club if needed.

The application must be accompanied by the membership fee in force at the time of the application, one month's dues and the food and beverage minimum. Please make check payable to Pierremont Oaks Tennis Club. The application is submitted to the membership chairman for review, upon approval, the applicant's name, address, occupation and the names of members recommending him is posted on the bulletin board in the Clubhouse for 15 days, before the membership is final. Two negative votes of the Screening Committee shall be sufficient to cause the rejection of such application.

Membership Application

  • Include Boy/Girl, Name, Age and Date Of Birth
  • Please Explain