Tennis Rules and Etiquette

The Pierremont Oak Tennis club offers 21 championship tennis courts for use by members and their registered guests – all of which are lighted for evening play. Use of the tennis courts is free of charge except for guest fees. The following rules and regulations are for the benefit and protection of all players:

  1. Courts are reserved for club members or registered guests only.
  2. All players are required to sign-in on the tennis board to use courts.
    • Two (2) players for singles and four (4) players for doubles must be preset to sign-in
    • Three (3) players may occupy a court for one (1) hour only. If a 4th arrives, players may play for an additional 30 minutes.
  3. Open courts are available on a first come basis. If a court is open, you may not “bump” players off another court.
  4. Prior approval is required for any round robin play.
  5. Adults have priority over juniors, except in the case of special junior activities or events. Juniors may be assigned courts by tennis department staff for these purposes.
  6. Proper tennis attire is required to be worn by all players. Swimsuits, cutoffs, sports bras and jeans are not permitted. All players must wear shirts.
  7. All players are required to wear tennis shoes with non-marking soles. If playing on soft courts, appropriate shoes are a must. Bare feet, sandals and street shoes are not permitted on the courts.
  8. The following are reasons for dismissal from the courts.
    • Disregard for court rules
    • Smoking
    • Unsportsmanlike conduct, including profanity or racket throwing
    • Improper attire or improperly soled shoes
    • Abusive behavior towards club staff or other members and guests